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With the motto of "Justice Begins Today" goal of Indique Law Journal is to make law affordable and accesible to everyone.

The Indique Law Journal is a double blind peer reviewed law journal published by Indique Law.

The main purpose of the journal concerns being a qualified research tool for practitioners, scholars, students, legislators, and others interested in legal studies….


call for CHAPTERS

For Edited Book On Intellectual Property Rights

Indique Law Journal is proud to announce that we are currently accepting manuscripts for our Book on Intellectual Property Rights.

Last date for Registration is 20th October, 2020

Last date for Submission is 25th October, 2020

Indique Law Journal is a right platform for academicians, litigants, researchers and students for sharing the views
on everything related to law through research papers, articles, case analysis and reviews.

- Message from ILJ Editorial Board

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